The inhabitants of the Lombardy Region are proud of their Oltrepò area, and rightly so: here, among its gently-sloping hills dotted with villages and castles built by the once all-powerful Sforza, Visconti and Malaspina feudal families, the Region’s best wines are produced.
The Oltrepò is Italy’s number one area for the cultivation of Pinot Nero, used for the production of Spumantes. The climate of the area is known as ‘sub-continental mesothermal’ indicating that, although dry and well-ventilated, it does not suffer from drought.
In addition, there is much micro-climactic variation throughout the hills, permitting the production of many different varieties of wine – all of them high quality.
Soil type and exposure to the sun count for a lot but it is the dedication and experience of the grape grower which will make or break a wine…